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A message from Humana about our ongoing support for you and your clients
In addition to the care of your clients, support for their company is at the heart of Humana’s actions related to COVID-19. Over the past month, we have provided preventive, care-related information to help you inform and protect your clients and their employees.

However, this update is to make sure you have the information you need to answer questions related to your client’s plan and coverage which are top of mind for many businesses right now.

Our commitment to your clients is unwavering
Humana has been working at the highest levels of our organization to identify ways to help make sure your clients have continued, seamless access to the coverage and care they and their employees count on.

We recognize the difficult decisions employers have been faced with over the past couple of weeks as they balance a commitment to their workforce with the economic practicalities of uncertain economic times. Therefore, we want you to be aware of a few support tools related to your clients' plans.
  • We are relaxing actively at work requirements. In response to current challenges, we have relaxed our requirement for employees to be actively at work in order to be eligible for coverage. This means that as long as one person remains actively employed, your clients can continue to cover any employees who have been laid off as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • We have developed FAQs for questions we think may be of particular importance to you right now. Please refer to this Employer FAQ for a more detailed explanation of this update as well as answers to your key coverage, eligibility and billing questions.
  • We continue to work daily with state and federal officials to advocate on behalf of employer healthcare needs. A dedicated team of associates is meeting with leaders at all levels of government to inform legislation that is being drafted in response to COVID-19. The situation is evolving daily and we are committed to providing you with answers and support in this rapidly changing environment.
  • We have created a centralized, online tool for employers to find additional resources. Our COVID-19 employer info hub contains the latest coverage updates, company announcements and educational resources.
Finally, we will continue to stand by you and your clients. Please continue to reach out to your local representative as a resource or use the dedicated service line for all your COVID-19 related questions. You can contact our team by phone (1-800-592-3005) or email (COVIDquestions@humana.com)

Your partner today and tomorrow,

Chris Hunter
President, Employer Group & Military
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